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Reconsidered Goods makes its debut on HGTV Handmade

It isn’t every day that you receive this kind of email, “I’m producing a shoot for HGTV hosted by Winston-Salem local, Ashley Johnson….and we’d love to feature Reconsidered Goods.” Needless to say my reaction was immediate, “Yes, we would be VERY interested!”

I was so very delighted to hear from our friend Angela Kollmer, Founder & Executive Director of Upcycle Arts in Charlotte. She remarked, "I was so happy this morning when I saw you and Reconsidered Goods on the thrifting video....The store looked amazing and you really represented creative reuse well." Now that really meant a lot!

I think the footage speaks for itself. My sincere thank you to Ashley for all the fun and to Grayson Jackson at Monocular Films. We had a wonderful time showing off how reused goods can spark creativity and save our planet.

Catena Bergevin, Executive Director

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